Walkable City by Jeff Speck - Book Club Discussion Points

May 6, 2021
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My book club at work will discuss this book, and I’m sure it will be an exciting session.
  1. Does this book convince you that a walkable city is something that every city should strive to be?
  1. Do you currently drive a car? What would it take for you to ditch your car?
  1. The author is against traffic study and believes that any increased supply will quickly be outpaced by increased demand. Do you agree with this?
  1. Speck wrote very highly of the parking guru Donald Shoup and his 80% target occupancy rate. Why do you think it is?
  1. Why did Speck recommend private parties to help pay for public transport? Do you agree with it?
  1. Speck wrote, “nobody drove dangerously through this intersection, precisely because the intersection felt dangerous.” Would you support making your intersection feels more dangerous to reduce accidents potentially?
  1. What was the most walkable city that you’ve ever visited? Does it map to Speck’s point about “Pedestrians need to feel safe and comfortable, but they also need to be entertained.”?
  1. In the end, we need to pick our winners. Where can spending the least money make the most difference in your city?

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