Hugo shortcode to display all images in a folder

Dec 17, 2018
On posts that intents to share photos like the drone post, I wanted to be able to include all the images from a single static folder into the post. Doing it manually is troublesome as I have to copy paste the filename one by one into markdown.
There’s gotta be an easy way to do that, but I’ve no experience working with Hugo, so I asked in the forum: Automating inserting markdown of all images in a subfolder?
As you can see, people suggested using the page resources which I don’t think works the way I wanted.
My curiosity got the better of me and I learned how to write shortcode to:
  1. accept a parameter which contain the folder name in /static/img
  1. loop through every file inside that folder
  1. display the images with some padding
To use this shortcode, you need to create a file called album.html in your theme’s shortcode directory and paste these code:
<!-- put bunch of photos in /static/img/albumName -->
<!-- and insert shortcode "album albumName" in -->
{{ $albumUrl := print "/static/img/" ($.Get 0) }}
{{ range readDir $albumUrl }}
    {{ $imgURL := print "img/" ($.Get 0) "/" .Name | absURL }}
    <p><img src="{{ $imgURL }}"/></p>
{{ end }}
Now you can put all images that you wanted to post in a single folder, the just insert the shortcode in the post.

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