Hello! My name is Victor Augusteo.

I make mobile and web apps. Currently I am working in Australia crafting gaming app for iOS with Swift.


The fastest way to contact me would be through email: augusteo@gmail.com. Typically I will respond in 24 hours.

My LinkedIn page contains my updated employment status and it has nice history, so I would recommend checking that out. Please send me a connection request if you use LinkedIn too.

You can check out some of the fun projects I did on Github, but most of the stuff on my job would be in private repos. I plan to put more stuff on that page, so stay tuned!

Tech Experience

I have worked with many technology stack throughout the years including:

  • iOS with Swift and ObjC
  • Web apps with Ruby on Rails, Angular, React, Elixir & Phoenix, etc.
  • Android with Java
  • Brief encounter with Xamarin and C#.Net
  • C and C++ at uni
  • Running servers with Apache and NginX on Linux
  • MongoDB, Postgresql, MySQL
  • AWS stacks i.e. EC2, S3, SNS, Cognito, EBS, etc.

Currently I’m really enjoying doing Swift full time. It is probably my favourite language of all time despite all the quirks.

I am also co-hosting the Melbourne Mobile Meetup. We run a monthly meetups with awesome speaker lineup about the wider mobile tech world.

Public Speaking

Since university years, I’ve really enjoyed giving talks about various topics.

Back then, I lectured classes of up to a hundred students about photography.

Nowadays I mostly stick to giving talks about tech.

The latest talks I presented:

Shipped Products

Coming soon!